Emanuela Galliussi


Emanuela was born in Udine, Italy. She studied acting and dance since she was 7 winning various dance competitions and scholarships. She graduated from the prestigious Accademia Nazionale D'Arte Drammatica "Silvio D'Amico", in Rome (Anna Magnani, Monica Vitti, Vittorio Gassman went to the same school). Upon graduating she quickly began to work in Film, TV and Theatre with top italian directors Gabriele Muccino (The pursuit of happiness, Seven lives), Michele Soavi (Cemetery Man, The Goodbye Kiss) and many others. She lived in Paris where she collaborated with Juliette Binoche on the preparation for the role of Elle in "Certified Copy" by Abbas Kiarostami. With the support of acting coach Susan Batson, Emanuela moved her base to NYC and divides her time between US and Europe. In October 2013 she played the role of Queen Maria in the US/Italian co-production, "Caserta Palace dream" with Richard Dreyfuss directed by James McTeigue (The Raven, V for Vendetta). She believes that actors are storytellers and after reading Samuel Beckett's quote: "Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better!" her focus has also been on her writing career. Her first script "To Fall" has been accepted to the Euro Mediterranen Coproduction Forum and it's currently being casted by talented casting director Billy Hopkins.

Susan Batson, coach of Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and many others, said about her " ... Recently I worked with a talent and spirit equal to Juliette Binoche. Her name is Emanuela Galliussi. She touched me deeply with her extraordinary emotional life, and her divine comedy. You could say, she's an Anna Magnani in the body of Marilyn Monroe. Her intelligence is profound as you witness her speaking English, French, Italian, you realize you're in the presence of very, very, bright young woman. Her passion is monumental."
Emanuela speaks English, Italian, French and she's able to play with different accents: Eastern European, Italian, French, German, Swedish.